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Tips On How To Get Cheap Car Insurance In Ireland

Here are some tips to help you reduce your car insurance premiums:

1. Use an insurance broker (such as O'Donovan Insurances) - if they have a good relationship with the insurance companies, they will normally be able to secure discounted premiums on your behalf.

2. Get any discounts you are eligible for. Ask about any "advanced driver" or other special discounts. If you do less than 5,000 km per year, ask for this to be taken into account as some insurance companies allow a discount for reduced mileage.

3. Home and motor discounts. See if there is a discount if you insure car and home with the same company - a discretionary credit is sometimes given in this case.

4. Consider carefully before taking the monthly payment option as Insurance companies add on a service charge for this facility. If you are able to pay in one go, this is normally the cheaper option (and will allow you more choice).

5. Have your policy reviewed and get new quotes every year or so. If more than three years (or whatever period the insurance company stipulates) have expired since you received penalty points they won't automatically drop the rate, so ask.

6. Consider the insurance costs when buying a car. Sports cars and others are charged higher rates. This isn't a one time charge. You'll pay more for as long as you own the car.

7. If you are unable to use your car for a while, consider suspending the policy as opposed to cancelling it. This way, you will keep on earning a no claims discount and may even get a refund for the period your policy was suspended.

8. Remove unnecessary additional drivers from your policy - they could be adding to the cost of your premium. You can always add them back on as and when necessary.

9. If your wife/husband/partner isn't already on your policy, ask if it would be cheaper to get him/her added on. Many insurance companies allow insured & spouse rates which could potentially reduce your premium.

10. Getting older does have some advantages. Rates drop, especially after 25 years old, so get new quotes now and then as you get older. They may not adjust your rate automatically. Older, safe drivers can avail of cheaper car insurance.