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Get a Travel Insurance Quote

In order for you to apply for a Travel Insurance quotation, you must agree to the following in respect of yourself and any person to be included on policy:

* That you have had no relevant claims or losses within the last 5 years.
* That you have had no prior convictions and that you have no prosecutions pending.
* That there are no PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS (The Insurance will not pay any claims or expenses for Medical Expenses, Trip Cancellation or Curtailment or Personal Accident which arise directly or indirectly from any medical condition of an insured person for which medical advice or treatment has been given by a medical practitioner or hospital during the 12 months prior to the inception of cover unless disclosed to and accepted by the insurers in writing)
* That your travel is for holidays and not business purposes.
* That you have not had any previous insurance proposal or renewal declined or cancelled, or had special conditions imposed.
* Any quotations are subject to proposal

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Area 1: Europe includes Ireland, The United Kingdom, The Channel Islands, The Azores, Madeira, The Canary Islands, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Mediterranean Islands, Turkey, Black Sea Resorts and Commonwealth of Independent States (West of the Ural Mountains).

Area 2: World Wide.

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